Stalagmite Repression ‎– Cave Drawings

>> Monday, January 16, 2017

Absolutely killer sliced up harsh noise. Co-released on the Pennsylvanian Hypnocenter and Submersive Productions labels 2015. MP3s are from the master recordings courtesy of John Grimaldi.

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Nobody's Children ‎– Quarter-Life

>> Saturday, January 14, 2017

A barrage of rumbling tape loops and disjointed basement tones from Andrew Coletrane and Heath Moerland, aka Sick Llama. 

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Ahlzagailzehguh + Existence In Decline ‎– Collateral Damage Statisticians

Live collaboration, remixed, fucked up and spit back out onto a C-10. Cassette came in a ziplock baggie with a cardboard cover which had been shot with a .22, my copy came with two spend shell casings and three bullet holes. Great dual channel head fuckery. 
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Hamartia - Heart of Pain, Head of Noise

>> Monday, January 9, 2017

Hamartia is a project hailing from Buffalo, NY. It's focus is mainly on live shows, where the leader and and a backing band free form their way through the show. Generally causing a ruckus and probably headaches for the venue owner.

To quote the original email:

The essential part of the live show, however, is the communal destruction that occurs.  I bring, and encourage others to bring as well, anything they'd like to smash.  TVs, stereos, radios, old computers, speakers, AC units, glass panes and bottles, really anything that can be broken in a cool way.  It's all set up beforehand, and then partway through the show, I come out into the audience and hand out hammers, crowbars, golf clubs, pipes, chains, etc., and everyone is encouraged to go absolutely apeshit on everything, and destroy to their heart's content, and as such, become a part of the show themselves, as the sounds of their destruction add to the din of noise that's already being created.  Venues are usually an absolute mess after I'm done.

Naturally, that's the danger music aspect, but I also take it one step further.  I often begin shows by putting a black hood over my face, and choking myself to close to the point of passing out, while the intro segment plays.  In my most recent show, I broke multiple glass bottles over my head, smashed a windowpane of glass, and rolled around in the shards, stabbing them into my hands, arms, and legs, grabbing pieces and cutting myself with them, covering myself with blood.  I took a broken bottle and cut my chest in front of the audience repeatedly.

With that being said they/he also have several album releases which (partially) showcase their sound and overall ambiance. I was directed towards this album as an exemplary sound. It's a minimalist but overall enjoyable trek through delay and drone effects that bundle up into chaos over time. It doesn't have the dense layered packs of noise that I usually look for in noise but the album is paced well enough that the drones and signals don't overstay their welcome. If you're into more minimal, raw albums I'd suggest you check this one out.

Here a few links to check out:

Performance video.


Laurel Noose - Dog Grave

Another fantastic Laurel Noose tape. This one isn't even on discogs so I'm suspecting it's either extremely rare or this project was more of a homebrew thing that circulated message boards. In any case it's short two song release consisting of sweet crunchy pedal noise with first song being more dynamic, fast paced and the other being more of a slow, intense burner. Recommended.

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Kazumoto Endo & Kazuma Kubota - Switches And Knobs

Switches and Knobs was a collaborative effort between two Japanoise artists who had an idea of making an album where they would quickly interchange their noises at random intervals. Essentially it's a 25 minute jam session. At times the pauses in sounds are a bit jarring but I got used to it after a while. There's also a live session that's a little shorter but it lacks in sound quality. Overall pretty rad stuff.

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Incapacitants - Fabrication

>> Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hey so how about some Icapacitants. Made early in their career the main meat of this album is a live set recorded back in 1991 in Tajima. Compared to their later 90s material this is much more tamer in comparison. Perhaps this is due to the recording quality but I feel like several layers are missing. It's almost like an acoustic set in a strange way. It reminds me of their Alcoholic Speculation a bit in some ways. It's a peculiar set. The other track is a studio track that is much more intense and layered noise.

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C.C.C.C. / Jalopaz / Alchemy Of The 20th Century

A three way split which is more of a set of three EPs released back in 1997. C.C.C.C. offers their usual brand of sonic mayhem that develops interestingly but unfortunately at one point the sound on the right channels gets cut off which I didn't find very pleasant.

The other two bands are much lesser known figures at the time. Jalopaz offers more of a drone track that is accompanied by a cellist. Their piece isn't very interesting mostly due to poor recording quality but the electronic part of the due does get interesting at points.

Alchemy Of The 20th Century is/was a moniker of Mikko Aspa (most famously known for Clandestine Blaze). On this split he sends us love with a pure dark ambient track which is probably the best of the bunch here but like a lot of ambient it overstays its welcome near the end.

All in all this is worth checking out but not really suited for repeated plays.

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Puce Mary ‎- Success

Puce Mary is probably the first thing people will mention when you mention that you find Pharmakon is good. Obviously Pharmakon is popular so a similar alternative that is less known is clearly the superior choice in blonde girl does noise genre.

Jokes aside, Puce Mary offers ambient, soft driven (by noise standards soft) layers of sound with often melodic and pulsating drones. The comparison between her and Pharmakon I have no idea if are true because I haven't really listened to Pharmakon that much. It's cold and heartless, I like it a lot. Should check out more of her stuff in the future. Looks like she did some splits with Sewer Election, that might be cool.

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Laurel Noose - University District

>> Monday, November 28, 2016

There's no discogs page about this artist but I think I've read somewhere he/she is from the US. It's very well done pedal & effects driven noise album. Also crunchy as The Rita but a bit less in your face about it. Fairly underrated stuff.

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The Rita - Sea Wolf Leviathan

Hour long trek among the walls of harsh noise. Surprisingly very diverse wall of noise at that with a lot of change in "tempo" and "dynamics". So far this is the best release of The Rita that I've heard. Very lovely and crunchy noise album.

Get it here.


Astro ‎- Acid Safari

>> Sunday, November 27, 2016

Released back in 1998 this is one of the earliest Astro records that were put out. You can still taste the CCCC influence in the sound but it sounds much more upfront and much more intense than his other projects.

Sounds like a laser fight in a volcano.

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C.C.C.C. - Recorded Live At Broken Life Festival, Taipei, Taiwan September 9th 1995

>> Friday, November 25, 2016

Another live album by C.C.C.C.

This one was recorded much better so you'll be able to hear all sorts of sounds in all (or most) of their glory. It's also a much more lively and dynamic set this time featuring more abrasive and punchy noise. They also go wild with the synths. Weird how a much shorter lineup yields a much more intense sound.

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C.C.C.C. - Community Center Cyber Crash / Live in Pittsburgh

Hello friends. How are things? I wrote a short FAQ to let you know what's happening but more importantly I'll be uploading stuff over the next few days (and hopefully beyond that).

For starters here's a neat little album I've picked up somewhere at some unknown time. It's a live album recorded back in 1994 by a well known group called C.C.C.C.

The quality of recording is not that good as it feels a little flat at times so the noise loses its charm at points but overall it's a nifty little live set recorded back in ye olden days. Expect landscapes of drifting phasing oscillators and lulling white noise background.

Get it here.



>> Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hello? Anyone still around?

Anyone reading this? Should this blog be revived? Start over? Make a new version? Get with the times?

Let me know in the comments; if anyone is still around.

EDIT: Alright! Looks like people are still into this! Cool! I'll start posting once I clean up the site a bit and do some other menial tasks. I won't be deleting any old posts but I'll probably repost some things as I go through my catalog. The musical scope of the blog will also be widened (by just a bit) to musique concrete, free jazz and similar genres dissonant or unmusical genres. The emphasis will still be on noise though.


Caroliner ‎– I'm Armed With Quarts Of Blood (1990)

>> Thursday, July 12, 2012

There are times when I'm asked to provide some sort of summarization of what "noise" truly is...I guess as concept or art form specifically. And that's one tough, controversial answer. I usually say noise is a kind of agenda that incorporates, among other things, performance art with sound and aggression. There are some noise bands, we can hopefully agree, that do make a better impression live than on record. Maybe all of them. Maybe none of them. Whether you think Caroliner is a band that might be better live, since the theatrics are pretty interesting, or whether you think they are a de-facto noise band are questions that have, once again, controversial answers. I'll provide my answer to the latter: Caroliner is a fascinating "noise" band whose album incorporates rock, folk, silliness and other abstractions to form some sort of redneck duck soup. The variation of sound and atmosphere these tracks create are both wonderful and terrifying in equal amounts. If not exactly pristine "noise" sound, then Caroliner at least encapsulates the spirit of cacophony. If you want blood...Caroliner's got in in quarts.




>> Sunday, May 20, 2012

Magik Crowbar, 2012


Borbetomagus - Experience The Magic (1993)

>> Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I love record store day, which was last Saturday for those who don't know. And it so happens that this particular store contains an incredible amount of 'experimental' music, from musique concrete vinyls to Raster Norton CDs. I happened to spy this album from one of my favorite jazz groups (yes, jazz) and bought it, as is the ritual of record store. This might be the first time I've made a purchase of music in person, so it's important. (At least to me) Moral of the story: embrace record stores, while they can still put up a fight, 'cause Borbetomagus could be right around the corner.

As for the music, well, it's a furious jazzy noise hell, which is a good thing. And 'cause it's been a while, and I luv y'all, I'm giving this mf'er in FLAC

For those who actually bothered reading this, I'll give you some incredibly awesome breaking news: Terror Noise Audio is mentioned in the upcoming Duke University Press ethnography book "Japanoise: The Cultural Feedback of Global Media Circulation" I happen to know the professor who worked on it, so I'll be posting news about it every now and then. Only a few more steps to total noise world domination! 


Dagda Mor Mediafire Folder

>> Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not much here, just three albums in a Mediafire folder.

Agent Provocateur, 256Kb
This Sun for Europe, 224Kb
The Border of the Light, 192Kb

I will slowly be moving everything to Mediafire. Slowly. Well, you know me.

Be seeing you.


Door - Destroy All

>> Monday, January 2, 2012

Experimental noise from 2007 on the Arbor CDr label (now just Arbor) which is an awesome label even though it hasn't put out much recently.

A: Small Wars (Boars)
B: All The Dirt (Dust)